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Our Services and Training

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Employment Readiness and Retention

Our Employment Readiness and Retention workshop teaches clients the six key components to being successful and properly prepared for the workforce!  We help clients outline their skills, and strengths as well as encourage, inspire and motivate our clients to meet their full potential!

Mentor Training and Development

We train, prepare and equip mentors for successful mentoring; giving them opportunities to use mentoring tools, role play specific scenarios and report the status of their clients success and outcomes!

Communication Skills

In today's day and age of technology we are finding that the art of healthy communication is a skill that needs further development.  We help clients learn how to actively listen, hold face-to-face dialogue with coworkers and effectively communicate in company settings; such as proper use of social media, phone, email and meetings.

Skills Development

We focus on helping clients identify their strengths, talents and skills.  Assessing skill gaps and increasing their skill level in time management, money management, decision making skills and communication skills.

Our Services Provide Answers And Deliver Outcomes!

We listen to hear needs and to offer a variety of services that better helps you meet your goals.  We offer the following services listed below to help you and your clients move forward!  Our services include but are not limited to: customization, design and development of training materials, facilitation of processes and assessments. 

Design and Development

Designing and developing the curriculum for your needs and the needs of your clients is our goal!  We focus on your objectives and design the curriculum with the end results in mind!

Strategic Goal Planning

Strategic goal planning is being able to see with great vision and not getting bogged down with details and shortcomings!

One-on-One Coaching

We help your clients build their individualized action plan for achieving their goals and helping them to outline any barriers, fears or roadblocks to their success!